The History of Italian Ceramic Tiles

An evergreen décor element, Italian ceramic tiles have a long and fascinating tradition. Their history goes back centuries and has seen the birth of many styles. Some of which are still relevant today.

If you love interior design, you’ll be interested in discovering the evolution of ceramic tiles. Especially, the influence that the trends of the past have had on the ones we know today.

Origins of Italian ceramic tiles

Though it’s difficult to state a precise time in history, we know that ceramics has been around almost since the beginning of art and civilization. Ceramic tiles are a branch of this art, that spread throughout most cultures of the past.

In fact, some of the earliest known examples were found in Egypt and date back to 4,000 BC. But we have artifacts that prove that ceramic tiles were also made by the Islamic Empire, Babylonians and Assyrians, among others.

Italian ceramic tiles came into the picture a bit later, around the period of the maritime Republics. That is when this form of art was imported from the Moorish domain in Spain.

Since then, Italy has cherished, developed and transformed this tradition, becoming the top producer in the world.

Iconic Italian ceramic tiles

Maiolica is one of the earliest and most important ceramic tiles trends that spread in Italy. You can see a renowned example of this style in the cloisters of the Church of Santa Chiara in Naples. They represent colorful and vivid sceneries.

Italian ceramic tiles blossomed during the Renaissance, becoming a very important form of decorative art. Soon, Italian tiles master become known all around Europe

Last but not least, the Liberty trend represents another climax in the Italian ceramics field. Especially the red grès: a small colorful tile, very popular between the 20s and 40s.

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Italian ceramic tiles: yesterday and today

Today, ceramic tiles made in Italy are exported to 180 countries in the world. Which is 38% of the total international market of this product, making Italy the first exporter.

The most famous Italian ceramic tiles producers are in the area around Modena and, in particular, around Sassuolo. Here the tradition lives on as thriving as ever, boasting and mixing old influences and new styles.

The ceramics district of Sassuolo, in fact, is where Estrosìa has found inspiration for Chic Brick. Our collection of ceramic colorful brick tiles. We love to be a part of this centuries old culture and to add our own twist.

What is most interesting about ceramic tiles, is that they were never just a simple wall décor. They have always been a form of expression and communication.

And that is exactly Estrosìa’s goal. To allow people to express their personality through our tiles. With different colors and patterns.

Keep following Estrosìa to discover more of the world of tiles.

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