Creative Workspace Interior Design and Architecture

Brand image is vital for a company’s success and that includes nailing the workspace interior design. From the offices to the foyer and the cafeteria, it’s important to choose architectures and finishing that will make you stand out.

Today, we have picked five creative workspace interior design and architecture to inspire you.

1. Google, Zurich

When it comes to professional environments, Google has always been a pioneer. So much so, that it has become synonymous with creative workplace and work ethics.

From jungle-themed cubicles to climbing walls, offices all around the world hold high the banner of this company’s personality. In particular, Google’s headquarter in Zurich is a perfect representation of what we are talking about. With cutting edge design that include hive/egg-shaped meeting and break-out rooms, it certainly screams uniqueness.

2. Pallotta Teamworks, Los Angeles

Journey is the concept behind the Pallotta Teamworks’ building in Los Angeles, California. The US charity event company approached Clive Wilkinson Architects asking to create an inspiring new headquarter in a raw warehouse with a shoestring budget.

Since the company could not afford air-conditioning for the entire space, the architectural firm came up with the concept of ‘breathing islands’. They designed air-conditioned working areas enclosed in tents located within the unconditioned warehouse. The result is brilliant.

Finally, to carry out the journey metaphor and further save money, shipping containers were used as individual offices and corner anchors for the tent structures.

3. LEGO, London

It’s safe to say that it’s pretty obvious that at Estrosìa we love colorful bricks. So, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that we would pick LEGO as one of the most creative workspace interior design.

LEGO’s London headquarter was designed to increase collaboration and inspire employees. “We have introduced an entirely new way of working in the new office. The biggest impact is that the traditional, physical concept of ‘a department’ has dissolved” says Bali Padda, COO and Executive Vice President of the LEGO Group.

The office is divided into flexible work areas with no fixed seating and no offices for managers. Plus, it features bright colors on walls and trendy quiet zones to relax and concentrate on their job.

4. Ogilvy & Mather, China

The carnival is in town. Ogilvy & Mather office in China, titled ‘A Carnival of Ideas’, boasts interiors designs extravaganzas such as merry-go-round horses, elements of a panoramic wheel and other amusement park themed attractions.

Designed by M Moser and Associates, the project succeeds in portraying the creative nature of the brand. In fact, it was the first interior design project to receive China’s Most Successful Design Award in 2008.

5. Airbnb, Silicon Valley

Airbnb office features open spaces, rear windows and lots of wall décor. Including an entire wall covered with graphic designer Timothy Goodman’s drawings, colorful tiles and a GSky Green wall in the atrium foyer.

The concept is to inspire whoever ventures in the office and to give employees the freedom to work wherever they want.

Inspiration, creativity and freedom of expression are also the values behind Chic Brick collection of colorful tiles by Estrosìa. Keep following our blog to get new interior design ideas and find inspiration.

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