Principles of Minimalist Design for Boutiques

Minimalist design is more than just showing less. It’s about achieving the greatest emotional and aesthetical impact through precise restrain and thoughtful editing. The saying ‘less is more’ means that you can get better design through simplicity. But simplicity does not equal emptiness. Minimalism is contemplative, not monastic. It’s clean, not sterile. It’s [...]

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Creative Workspace Interior Design and Architecture

Brand image is vital for a company’s success and that includes nailing the workspace interior design. From the offices to the foyer and the cafeteria, it’s important to choose architectures and finishing that will make you stand out. Today, we have picked five creative workspace interior design and architecture to inspire you. 1. [...]

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Top Restaurant Interior Design Trends

Presentation is a growing priority for chefs all around the world. And not only when it comes to their dishes. Restaurant interior design is equally important to create the right mood for customers. Today, we have chosen the best restaurant interior design trends. Vintage and contemporary contrast. In these past years, vintage [...]

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Milano Fall Design Week Recap

Last week we visited Milano Fall Design Week, an exhibition dedicated to all interior design lovers, as well as to the future of manufacturing. In this article, we’d like to share with you the events that really captured our attention. Brera Design Days When it comes to design, Brera is one of the most interesting [...]

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