The History of Italian Ceramic Tiles

An evergreen décor element, Italian ceramic tiles have a long and fascinating tradition. Their history goes back centuries and has seen the birth of many styles. Some of which are still relevant today. If you love interior design, you’ll be interested in discovering the evolution of ceramic tiles. Especially, the influence that the [...]

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The 15 World’s Most Colorful Cities and Neighborhoods

Color and inspiration are two sides of the same medal. And there is no better source of inspiration than what’s around us. The planet we live on is an immense palette, especially if you look at the World’s most colorful cities and neighborhoods. Here’s our top 15. #1 Manarola, Cinque Terre, Italy As one [...]

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5 Great Cultural Color Palettes to Take Inspiration From

History is a great source of inspiration and offers some of the greatest cultural color palettes of all time. Combinations that are still iconic and relevant today. So much so, that designers use them to create beautiful and contemporary works. Here at Estrosìa we are all about colors and inspiration. That is why in [...]

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Lucio Fontana “Ambienti/Enviroments” in Milan

Hangar Bicocca, in collaboration with Fondazione Lucio Fontana, is hosting a very interesting exhibition dedicated to the famous artist and his Ambienti (environments). Space and his ability to fill and transform it have always been Fontana’s trademarks. We are all familiar with his inspiring cut and punctured works, with which he redefined the concept [...]

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Room Color: How Color Affects Your Mood

The best colors for your house that you can choose are the ones that make you happy. Yes, because colors do affect your mood. What is color psychology? Color psychology, as the name suggests, is the discipline that studies the effect of colors on the human mind. It advocates that each color can [...]

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