5 Great Cultural Color Palettes to Take Inspiration From

History is a great source of inspiration and offers some of the greatest cultural color palettes of all time. Combinations that are still iconic and relevant today. So much so, that designers use them to create beautiful and contemporary works.

Here at Estrosìa we are all about colors and inspiration. That is why in this article we want to share with you our top pic of historic cultural palettes.

Blue, gold and rose: medieval nobility

From the Thirteenth century, blue started to symbolize nobility more than any other color. Derived from the rock lapis lazuli, the blue pigment was used in the clothing of the nobles and represented transcendence and spirituality. It is not a coincidence, in fact, that in these years, while the cult of the Virgin Mary spread, her robe was painted blue.

Often, the prestige of this color was emphasized by combining it with shades of gold and rose-red. The result gave birth to one of the most iconic cultural color palettes, that today is still used in fashion and interior design to give a sense of luxury and prominence.

Ochre, yellow, brown and vanilla: African tribal

As suggestive as a savanna sunset, central African tribal art continues to inspire designers from all corners of the world. The earthy color combinations of this mesmerizing culture communicate an ancient connection with nature and the elements.

In particular, we find that deep yellows, ocher (the oldest pigment), browns and vanilla best represent the African art. And most of all, they can be used in a contemporary context with great results.

Green, red and blue: Japanese ukiyo-e

Japanese woodblock prints are synonym with some of the most vivid yet harmonious cultural color palettes. Looking at masterpieces such as The Great Wave off Kanagawa by Katsushika Hokusai and The Plum Garden in Kameido by Andō Hiroshige, it’s impossible not to be captivated by the perfect balance of blues, roses, reds and greens.

There is no doubt that ukiyo-e, and Japanese art in general, is one of the biggest influence on the work of many great designers.

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Orange, black and brown: Greek vase

There is more to ancient Greek art than the fascinating myths that it tells. It has a very unique and distinctive style, which includes a neat and powerful color scheme. Orange and black (or dark brown) makes a very impactful palette still today. It conveys energy and depth, perfect to communicate strong feelings.

Hot pink, yellow, green and turquoise: Mexican brightness

Bright, outrageous and otherworldly. Mexican design does not know compromise. And yet, it works brilliantly. Which is exactly why it is such a remarkable inspiration when it comes to cultural color palettes.

Hot pink, acid green, bright yellow and turquoise surely make a unique impression that unmistakably is meant to leave a mark. The perfect solution for a youthful, energetic – and even a bit kitschy – environment.

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